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Raw Materials

High Performance Medical Metallurgy

Since 1856 when Wilhelm Carl Heraeus successfully melted platinum, the Heraeus companies have been transforming metals and alloys into useful products. Heraeus Medical Components Division focuses our metallurgical knowledge and technical experience on your medical component design.
Biocompatible metals are a Heraeus heritage and forte. Strength, shape memory, fatigue and corrosion resistance, biocompatibility, and conductive properties are all factors addressed in our refinement and alloy processes. When appropriate, we select source metals from other suppliers. Metals used by Heraeus Medical Components include:
Precious Refractory Performance
Platinum and Alloys Tantalum and Alloys Titanium and Alloys
Gold Niobium and Alloys Stainless Steel
Silver Tungsten and Alloys Nickel Chrome
Rhodium Cobalt Chrome
Ruthenium MP35N®*
Palladium Nitinol
and their Alloys
*MP35N is a trademark of SPS Technologies, Inc.
Raw Materials
From ingot and alloy through each step of the metalworking process, we apply our deep knowledge of fine metallurgy to deliver top performance in your component, and also provide alloys to you in ingot, billet, strip, or wire forms for your manufacturing needs.